Wednesday 2 April 2008

Road Songs (Dolce)

Kids. Cars. Kids and cars. Kids in cars. For some, a lethal combination. Screaming, rows, tantrums. For others, total nonchalance.

Children can be a distracting force of incalculable consequences when you're sitting behind the wheel of a car and trying to concentrate on the road ahead of you. Minor quibbles, insignificant squabbles and petty quarrels can drive the most open-minded parents in the world up the wall very quickly.

That's why I say: thank God for music in the car whilst driving!

My children love a mix of songs both for their age and for older audiences. And as the proud father of two bilingual youngsters their tastes go from US hip hop to Ibero-American pop and rock. That does not mean that they do not have the occasional fight in the back of our Nissan Micra but prevention is better than cure as the old adage goes and we all have turns choosing our favourite melodies to accompany us in our frequent jaunts in this lovely country.
So, hooray for music, hooray for driving, hooray for children and hooray for children in cars whilst driving and listening to music!

Copyright 2008


  1. Veo que tienes unos hijos de lo más melómanos ¿Y no has probado a ponerles unas nanas?

  2. empinG, que seas un puro cool, el mio me bajaba la music todo el tiempo y me castigaba con radio reloj.

    nos pillamos, ga.

  3. Gracias escarola, sí, las nanas van, normalmente por las noches. Por el día, siempre es música un poco más arriba.

    Asere, el puro mío, como pianista al fin, le descargaba a la música clásica, de ahí mis siete años tocando piano y mi devoción por la mal llamada "música curta", mejor dicho, "culta".

    Gracias por los comentarios.

    Saludos desde Londres.

  4. Como disfruto estas cronicas tuyas! Saludos Cubaninlondon!

  5. Gracias eu, saludos a ti también desde Londres.



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