Wednesday 17 June 2020

3 Tips to Develop a More I-Based Writing Style

Can there be a more powerful artistic statement than Rachelle Ferrell’s album Individuality (Can I Be Me?)? The American singer had already shown her vocal prowess on her debut, First Instrument (especially her own take on famous melodies such as You Don’t Know What Love Is and My Funny Valentine). Yet, brilliant as that record was, it felt lacking, as if Rachelle’s creative output were not being totally showcased. Enter Individuality, Ferrell’s opportunity to put her “I” centre stage.
Similarly, in writing (more specifically the non-fiction variety), “I” is an unashamed attempt to establish character and voice. By character I mean our personality, and by voice our inner thoughts.
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Thursday 4 June 2020

“Invisible Man” in the Times of George Floyd

No sooner had I started re-reading Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison’s classic novel, last week, than news of what had happened in Minneapolis filtered through.

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