Sunday 29 March 2020

Writing in the Time of COVID-19

A deserted Long Acre, Covent Garden, London

In my previous column, I wrote about freeing up our creativity while self-isolating. This one will deal with what happens when we’ve managed to complete that much-longed-for first draft.
Imagine your name IS NOT Steve. Or Martha. Imagine you are the editor of a prestigious publication. And now imagine a freelance writer submitting a piece addressed to Editor-in-Chief Steve. Or Martha.
Yeah. You, aspiring writer, cocked up big time.
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  1. So much useful information here! A lot of it really does seem to be "right place at the right time", but there are certainly ways (as you've noted) to help that along.

  2. Thank you for these tips. Research, research, research is not limited to the wonderful piece you are writing but also to how/where you submit it.
    I hope your own creativity is thriving in this difficult time.

  3. My experience has been that the "right place at the right time" has more to do with it than most people would like to believe. Your advice is excellent, CiL. The only thing I would add to it is find a newspaper or two which will accept hard news and/or feature articles and/or photographs from you and build from that material. Have a few suggestions of your own ready and offer it free .... once your foot is in the door ....

  4. Your photo in this post? A very nice capture of something not so nice, empty streets.

  5. Thanks for sharing these interesting tips, and 'lacuna' is a new word for me thanks.

  6. Great tips! I guess all printed newspapers are not running at the moment... Amazing to see London so empty.

  7. Thank you for the solid tips. I like what you said about a high-quality body of work as investment capital. :)

  8. Thank you for great and useful tips!
    Enjoy writing!

  9. I am glad in Germany it´s easy to understand male and female names!
    You are right. Seeing my first posts, ohhh... horrible! I guess/hope I have improved my writing.

  10. Great post!And I do like that continue link(So it is there you are :) :)

    If you have the gift of writing as you do, I would go for it and Write from you heart

    And it is good for us workers too..To Write it of our souls.And also read what others do, to become a better self..
    Well I think I shall try that tip of Yours of imagine beeing a freelancer!

    Ok we have much sun today so I shall stay on my balcony Reading a book

    Waiting for Your Next post With great pleasure

    Have a great monday!


  11. Great tips. The one about properly addressing your query reminded me of one of something I did some years ago, when such correspondences were handled via snail mail. My letter was on the humorous side, as opposed to being more professional, and I actually called the editor "Angel of Mercy." (I really DID!) The story I submitted was probably mediocre, at best, but the editor sent me a handwritten response. She loved my letter, and said it made her day... and she signed it with her name, along with Angel of Mercy. :)

    Mario, you have a better command of the English language that most who claim it as their first language. Take care.

  12. Hello Mario, I'm not an aspiring writer but I enjoy very much your columns and your writing in general.
    And I love the (b/w) photos of London. :)
    Stay safe!

  13. the street looks beautiful even if you miss the people.
    I hope you and yours are well and healthy. I and my family are, so far. :) And, I have plans to stay that way. :)

  14. Good advice here, specially on how to address the editor!

  15. Another well written article, chock full of good advice.

  16. Ha, I can totally relate to this!!😉😉
    Every time I think I've finished a poem,I step back in my mind and imagine I'm someone else reading it...then, I take a deep breath...and publish anyway!! Lol
    A great post...thanks!

    Greetings from Hampshire.

  17. Good ideas and a well crafted piece. We should have plenty of time on my hands (but I've yet to find that's the case as I am having to learn how to do things in a new way.

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