Wednesday 30 July 2008

Automatic Vacation Response

I will be away for a week in gorgeous Dorset, southern England, camping with my family and a local group. Feel free to come in and peruse around. I have had to activate the comments moderator for obvious reasons. I will be incommunicado for seven days. No mobile phones, or television, just a couple of good books, my wife and children's company and songs by a campfire with the rest of the troop.

The scrobbler below works in the same way an Ipod or an mp3 player does. Just press play, sit back and enjoy. There are 200 songs covering a wide range of genres, from R&B to pop, from modern Brazilian music to jazz and blues.

Bye, bye for now.


  1. Sounds lovely!


    Greetings from Sweden ;-)

  2. "...La mitad de este mundo es del demonio, la otra mitad es mía..."

    otra de Dylan

    y Felices vacaciones cuban.

    nos vemos , tony.

  3. Enjoy your vacation in beautiful Dorset!! Camping is not really my thing, but camping in Dorset? I think I could be persuaded.

  4. Yo he andado perdida con esto de mi viaje, pasalo bien y espero leerte...

  5. Compadre eso si que es vida!!!!

  6. Después cuéntame qué tal te fue tantos días sin Internet!!
    Que la pases bien,

  7. Thanks to all. Back to London and to the blog. I will be letting you all know about our adventures in Dorset's wilderness.

    Gracias a todos. Me pondré las pilas rapido y les contaré como nos fue en Dorset.

    Saludos desde Londres.



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