Sunday 13 October 2013

Sunday Mornings: Coffee, Reflections and Music

Last Friday 4th October, one of the finest poets I've ever read but whom I never had the privilege to meet, died peacefully. I found out about his death through another equally excellent poet. The news left me speechless and tearful.

Dave King, the author of the Pics and Poems blog, was that autumn light that breaks through the tall trees bringing solace and comfort to those who venture through the multi-coloured foliage Mother Nature gifts us every year. Sometimes facetious, sometimes sombre, his poetry was (is) hard to categorise. Yet, what no one can deny is the sheer quality his oeuvre had. His output was incredible. There were times when I would spend a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon at home reading the three or four poems Dave had posted during that week.

I'll leave you today with a poem I uploaded on my blog back in 2009 to celebrate National Poetry Day in the UK. Dave, very kindly, allowed me to use this beautiful poem. Also, in memory of Dave King this blog is officially in mourning for a week. It will resume on Sunday 20th October. My most sincere condolences to Dave King's family.

On Turning Over a New Leaf

When the apple tree turned over a new leaf
it began producing plums.

When the pear turned over a new leaf
it brought forth grapes instead.

When the cherry turned over a new leaf
it found acorns on its branches.

When The Book of Life turned over a new leaf
a skeleton crawled out.

When the woods turned over their new leaves
a million tiny creatures saw the sun.

When these turned over the dead leaves
the dust and ash beneath began to smoke.

When humankind turned over its new leaves
it took leave of its senses

and not until it turned again the old leaves
did the trees bring forth their true and ample fruit.


  1. Thank you. So very much. I too wept when I found out that we had lost Dave. The world is richer for having had him in it - and diminished with his passing.

  2. I didn't know Dave, but your sense of loss tells me he was a special light in the world. One small consolation, though, is that his beautiful words remain in this world, calling to old and new friends alike.

    Hamba Kahle, Nkosi Sikelel' iDave King.

    Judy Croome, South Africa

  3. Thank you for your tribute to Dave King, whose poetry I loved and whose visits to my blog I treasured. Your time of mourning is profound, and so appropriate. I only hope that Dave's family will, in time, read all the posts in honor of their loved one, our friend.

  4. Thank you for your tribute to Dave King, whose poetry I loved and whose visits to my blog I treasured. Your time of mourning is profound, and so appropriate. I only hope that Dave's family will, in time, read all the posts in honor of their loved one, our friend.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. So far, since 2007 when I began blogging, I have lost three good cyber-friends. I recoil at the use of that word, though, "cyber", because it hints at unreality, at distance. As if these three human beings had not been real on account of us meeting in the virtual world.

    The virtual world is the real world. Just because we use a keyboard to communicate with each other, it doesn't mean there isn't another human being on the other side, watching a screen, reading our words and using their real hands to comment on our posts. Renee, Tessa and Dave now, were three exceptional human beings. I mourned each one for a week, too. It's just a way of showing that beyond the screen we're all human.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. Thank you for this sad posting, Dave's Last Post in a manner of speaking. I've read some of his work: really amazing.

    I think many of us feel a huge loss when somebody we've never met physically dies and blogs no more.

    When the lovely Nolly Posh Dreaming finally 'went home' I felt the tears on my cheeks. Never had the privilege of meeting her in life other than through her always cheerful blogs. I knew she was unwell but it was such an awful shock when she left us.

  7. smiles....felt...dave was a good friend...and a friend to many of our poets expressed it in their words on friday...

    its funny how we never really know how much our words mean to others...i think these are some of the things we need to say while we have the time....

    a fine tribute sir....

  8. Great tribute indeed at your feed, and yeah some things must be said before it's too late

  9. that just took my breath away... he was such a fine man and poet..i'm missing him... a beautiful tribute..

  10. El poeta muere pero el poema queda entre nosotros y el recuerdo de la persona.
    Bello posts.

  11. A cerebral poet, David was. He'll be missed.

  12. What a beautiful post in honor of Dave King. He touched lives all around the globe. I don't think I was following Dave back in 2009, so I greatly appreciated this poem share. It is Dave at his best for sure!! Thank you.

  13. A very lovely tribute and a wonderful poem. Thanks. k.

  14. Inspiring words by an inspiring man. His words will live on and continue to inspire many.
    I agree, the people we get to know in the virtual world inspire us to think and create.
    Enjoyed your musical selection as well.

  15. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Dave, but the words of his poem, and the words from you and the other bloggers that did know him tell me a lot about the man. I'm sorry for your loss.

  16. I have to confess that I have no idea who or how many are writing poetry today. In fact, I was quite surprised when I once asked in a post if anyone had a favorite poet, and those who responded all did have one. For whatever reason, my mind dwells almost entirely in the distant past in terms of poetry. It is like the curtains were drawn on it for me sometime between the world wars.

    I like the Dave King poem you have included in your post, CiL, and will be re-reading it and thinking about it for some time.

    I also admire your admiration for a poet and his work, and your memorial tribute to him.

  17. Nicely done. I feel the same. Here is my Dave King tribute:

    Aloha, Amiga

  18. Such sad news - he was a wonderful poet. And what a lovely poem.

  19. Beautiful.

    I have never read him before and am grateful for this post and sorry for your (and our) loss.

    Blessings to you, Cuban --

  20. Such a profound post...and a truly fitting tribute to our mutual friend.
    A Light has gone out in our World, but his words will remain to light our way.
    Thank you so much for this...we are united in mourning...

  21. A beautiful poem. :) He will be remembered.

  22. I'm stunned. I just emailed him in the last month. He was such a fine human being. Beautiful poet and photographer. Rest in peace, friend.

  23. Hola, buenas noches, un gusto pasar por tu lindo blog, saludos cordiales, te invito de manera cordial a que visites el Blog de Boris Estebitan y leas mi poema titulado “Espera por mí”, espero seguir visitando tu gran blog e intercambiar más comentarios, buen inicio de semana.

  24. Nice tribute Cil; of course I will miss him always love his poems and comments and really we will miss him was a really lovely man.

  25. So sorry for the loss of a fine poet. It is shocking when this happens.

  26. How sad! Dave was one of the first bloggers to connect with me when I was in England 5 years ago and I've enjoyed his poetry and art reflections over the years. My heart goes out to his family and friends. This a lovely tribute to a man who will be missed.

  27. Dave King was a most wonderful poet who I followed for many years and I'm deeply saddened by his death. I followed him from way back when we lived in Morocco.
    I wonder if it would be possible to get hold of a collection of his work maybe in a book.
    I particularly remember a poem about the aftermath of WW2 - a little dent in a window frame -such a telling detail.
    He will be sorely missed.
    So glad to have got back in touch.
    Warm greetings from NY.

  28. ps. I too was in touch with Renee and Tessa and miss them terribly.
    Tessa sent me a book she owned about landscape and British writers. I treasure it.

  29. Thank you for the visit to my blog today and for the kind words.

    This is a beautiful tribute to your poet friend Dave King.
    I saw him on some blogs and discerned from his comments that he was a kind and gracious man.

    I am sorry for your loss.
    May the memory of Dave always be a blessing to you.

  30. And so was this a wonderful post. Dave's poetry was rich with meaning. This is what blogging does best, I think - bringing those of us who don't know each other in person together to admire each other through words.

  31. Condolences to you Cubano, it is disheartening to lose an admired literary influence. I hope that the pleasure that his poetry gave lives on with you.

  32. I'm so sorry to hear this news, and I'm certainly one of those who will feel the loss of his voice from the blogosphere. We've exchanged many emails and blog comments over the past five years. I hope his family will leave his blog in place so that his work will live on.

  33. This is a very special tribute. I'm sure Dave is looking down and smiling at all the kind words expressed about him online, since his passing. Sounds like a special man. I'm sorry I wasn't a visitor at his blog.

  34. Many thanks to you all for your kind comments. I'm sure Dave would have appreciated them all.

    Greetings from London.

  35. This is a stunning poem.
    Thank you for the tribute to Dave. Coincidentally my latest post is also in Dave's memory. I shed mnany tears at his passing, such is the power of the written word. Dave was a cerebral poet as Rosaria said and his words touched so many of us.



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