Wednesday 7 May 2008

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Cat's Crumbs (Migas de Gato)

This is a typical Afro-Cuban dish that is best served as a light snack or starter. I saw this recipe originally in a bookby Natalia Bolivar Arostegui.

Serves 10-12
Bread (loaf or buns)
Olive oil
Garlic (a couple of cloves)
Water (or milk)

First, take the bread and pull the dough out. Break it all up into bite size pieces and roll them all up using middlefinger, forefinger and thumb. Dab them in water (milk can also be used) and leave them on the side. Slice the garlic in thin strips (choose a nice, plump bulb) and brown them for about five minutes on the hot olive oil. Add on the dough balls and bring the heat down. Stir them well so they don't stick to the frying pan. After about 5-7 minutes, take them out, drain the remaining oil (I like leaving it on, but you might be on a diet) and serve. If you used milk, you'll realise that they are more compact and crunchier. Hmmm, tasty.


Because this is usually served as a starter or a light snack the music that goes with it (usually dinner party background music) is not very long. Recommended listening includes:

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  1. Gracias Cubaninlondon por avisar! Ya lo puse en un post de emergencia... Tengo que pasar por aqui con tiempo, que veo cuanto has posteado nuevo! Saludos.

  2. hagamos manana viernes un dia a favor de los blogs desde CUBA.
    hay que hacer bulla!

    nos vemos,
    la pnadilla g.a.



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