Sunday 16 March 2008

Meditations on Britain (Royal Symphony)

Thursday 21st February, Buckingham Palace, daytime but with poor visibility. Four characters are standing in front of the majestic building:
British Mother: Look at the guards!
Cuban Father: Yes! Wow! Two black guards!
British Mother: Yes, actually, that one over there is Asian!
Cuban Father: Two black guards, an Asian and a white one.
Half-Cuban-Half-British Son: What do you think the Queen is doing now?
Cuban Father: Brushing her teeth. She'll probably come out any minute now and scream at people: 'Stop f...... looking at my f...... house, will ya? Go and get a life, you motherf......!' And she will have toothpaste drooling all over her chin.
British Mother: She is probably playing 'hide and seek' so that people shout: 'I just saw the Queen! I just saw the Queen!'
Half-Cuban-Half-British Daughter: Doesn't she get bored of being a queen?
British Mother and Cuban Father in unison: No!

And we keep on walking...

Copyright 2008

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  1. Genial!!!!! I really loved this chat... So funny.... Thanks a lot!!!!



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