Friday 17 April 2020

Urban Diary During Lockdown

The cool, orange spring sun is slowly sinking, leaving one side of Stamford Street in the shade and the other one caressed by an auburn glow. I stop on the corner of Hatfields, get off my bicycle and lean against the wall.
It has now been more than four weeks since I last saw the rush-hour crowd moving up and down this road, either on their way to or from Waterloo Underground Station. The Covid-19-caused lockdown has rendered the hustle-bustle silent.
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  1. I am very glad that you can still run and cycle.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. Urban fauna. I love the description of us people of the cities. Btw, I just came across your What Does Love Mean clip(s?) I will look later when I have sound.

  3. It amazes me how many walkers and runners and bikers I see these days, and my excursions are rather limited. It is possible the pandemic will create a greater interest in physical fitness and good health.

    As for you, CiL, keep on running and biking .... running, especially, frees the mind for thinking and for day dreaming, I believe ....

  4. Hi ACIL - we've all got so much more road space now ... yet still some won't move when there's nothing coming down the other side; I've never liked running but do enjoy my walks, when the east wind isn't blowing. Take care and the great outdoors - Hilary

  5. Beautiful writing in unprecedented times.

  6. I enjoyed your post and writing style. Looking forward to visiting with you again.

  7. Lovely piece. I can picture it well. My part of the US isn't in quite the lockdown as some, but there are still fewer out and about when I do make it to town. I'm a country dweller, so my normal view really hasn't changed. In fact, on my daily walks I can almost forget all this is happening.

  8. I guess there not much hustle bustle any where now

  9. I live on an island that is mostly residential. I have noticed a lot more bicycles, as well as folks walking and jogging. Thankfully, the weather hasn't yet gotten hot--in the summer the humidity can kill. As I am mostly along, I still go into my study, but riding my bike with a dress shirt and shorts (which makes me presentable for zoom). Hang in there.

  10. Buenas noches, comencé a seguirte en tu blog. Enhorabuena por el. ¿Puedes seguirme de vuelta?

  11. Always be careful to guard yourself and keep your distance from people first, friends.

    I pray that the situation in London will soon recover.

    Good writing.
    Greetings from Indonesia

  12. Una crónica que puede trasladarse a cualquier parte del mundo en estos tiempos de pandemia.
    Espero que estés bien 🏠😷

  13. It is strange to see the London streets so quiet, isn't it...I have seen the pictures on TV news, and I looks really surreal.
    I can imagine how it must be if you live there. When you have always been accustomed to all the hustle and bustle of crowded city life, it must seem like living on an alien planet!
    Here's hoping things will return to normal before too long...

    Stay safe, my friend!

    Greetings from Hampshire 😊😊

  14. Well written and thought provoking as always, Mario. Our president is rushing reopening, which I fear is a huge mistake.

  15. Strange to see London streets so quiet, but it is the same everywhere.

    All the best Jan

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  17. enjoyed your excellent post of the situation in London. it is a little surreal, and strange, to see such a change of landscape.
    the Covid-19-caused lockdown is a great leveler, whether in London or Singapore or New York.
    Enjoy your runs and rides and stay safe! :)

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