Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Killer Opening Songs (One Love by Clinton Fearon)

When Killer Opening Songs wrote about roots reggae band The Congos a few years ago, it stated very clearly that Bob Marley had not invented the genre. And the more our regular music section listens to this syncopated blend of calypso, blues and rock’n’roll, the more it is convinced that it is important to acknowledge other artists who have excelled in this particular field.
One of those giants of reggae music whose oeuvre ought to have a higher profile is Clinton Fearon. Originally a member of The Gladiators, a band that found fame in the 70s, Fearon was the bassist guitarist with the hearty baritone voice.
Although he did not sing lead vocals at The Gladiators very often, when he did it, Clinton stood out. If you're asking why, his latest album Heart and Soul will answer your question. It’s because his is an authentic voice with the power to move the listener. There’re no gimmicks in his delivery, just heart and soul.
One Love is the Killer Opening Song that unrolls this rich, musical tapestry. Pregnant with a strong social message, this is one of those melodies that linger long in the mind for days and weeks on end.
One love hear the children singing
One love they are singing in the background
One love hear the children shouting
One love they are shouting in the background
Where is equal rights and justice
It's nowhere to be found it's nowhere to be found
If you got it in your bosom your bosom
Check it out check it out
So that we all can be can be redeem
The beauty of One Love, and Heart and Soul by extent, is Fearon’s intimate approach. You feel as if he were sitting next to you shooting the breeze, trying to fix the world, guitar in hand.
Ahhh, yes, the guitar! His playing style is uncomplicated and yet so skilful. On the clip below he comes across as someone who has an extra limb, a six-stringed one; so comfortable he looks with that guitar in hand. One Love is followed by Let Jah Be Praised, an ode to Jah, or Yahweh (Jehovah). Again, his voice is crisp and clear, telling you that “Remember I'm not a preacher man/Remember I'm not a teacher man/I'm only singing you my song oh yeah oh yeah/Don't want Jah glory goes to waste oh no so.” Chatty Chatty Mouth touches on politics whilst I’m Not Crying shows defiance and audacity.
Heart and Soul is one of those magic records, made even more magical by One Love, the Killer Opening Song.
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  1. First time I ever heard it, not bad indeed as it sure is a hit.

  2. This is great music! I love it.

  3. lovely! It's a gorgeous morning in Ohio today...sun is shining and the birds are singing....this just put the icing on the cake ~ gonna be a great day :) thanks for introducing clinton to us today!!

  4. This is fabulous...I could listen to it all day!
    Many thanks for introducing Clinton to us.:)

  5. Wow, this is great! Hadn't heard of I would really like to hear more.

  6. nice...this was a great break to end my day man...i will check out the i thoroughly enjoyed...and great lyricism as well...thanks for the introduction...

  7. A very crisp and clear voice indeed.

  8. Me encantan las canciones con un mensaje social eso abre las mentes y los corazones...sobre la papaya ya me imagino el significado en cuba jeje, pero aquí también en lenguaje popular papaya significa algo fácil... saludos abrazos y abrazos.

  9. What a remarkable man - and what remarkable lyrics. This sentence struck me:-

    You feel as if he were sitting next to you shooting the breeze, trying to fix the world, guitar in hand.

    Somehow it seems to say it all.

  10. very that he cools music his is one for me as well...smiles

  11. thanks for introducing me to this song. Can´t remeber I heard it before. Loved it. :)

  12. I love music that is intimate but not arranged too prettily. He appears to express himself without really imposing it on anyone else, but yes, the fix the world intentions. I don't have them anymore, but I can still admire them in others who present them in an unoppressive way. We are all pitching forward in the dark.~Mary

  13. Great music :) Thanks for sharing.

  14. Many thanks for your comments. He's proper geezer, innit? :-)

    Greetings from London.



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