Thursday 20 August 2020

My Introduction as one of Illumination Writers

For the last few months I have been writing for an online publication called Illumination. Here’s my formal introduction to both fellow writers and readers alike. If you have been a member of this parish for a long time, you might remember that I wrote a similar post to celebrate one of my birthdays. Well, the green revolution is here. Recycle and reuse!

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  1. That was a fun read. You seem quite comfortable with yourself.

  2. Sadly I couldn't read your introduction - I have used my free articles for the month.
    Congratulations - and yes, recycle and reuse makes sense to me.

  3. Hi Mario - that was great fun and really informative as well as illuminating - appropriate for your new project. Congratulations on a few things - the magazine and your life ahead ... and I hope you'll be able to travel to frontiers new to you soonish. Take care - Hilary

  4. A very interesting introduction. Let us know when your book comes out.

  5. What a fascinating look at your life! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better. Yes.... do let us know when the book comes out!

  6. I enjoyed getting to know about you. It was enlightening.

  7. Hi Mario😊To be a scorpio you tell alot about yourself😚I loved reading about you😊and all the things that makes
    . also your passion for classical music..and much more..
    Looking forward to your book.I will certainly read it
    Greetings Anita

  8. Thank you, for your enumeration, CiL. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The only surprise for me was the single mention of Herr Bach. I expected a piece his work to turn up in your funeral selections. I sort of thought there might be mention of Queen there, as well. My own list changes every few years, but Queen has been among the number for a long/long time.

  9. Nice to learn more about you!

  10. Congratulations for your inauguration as a writer, friend.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  11. "Sorry" to say, but that´s a cute pic of you (real men can be cute, right!)
    Love #1 & 2. Wise words.
    #3 is sure bitter-sweet.
    #4 explains my Brother´s behaviour! (he comes back later, though after thinking it through).
    #5 I "love" people who say they live vegan.
    #6... LOL!!!
    #7 Great answer. True, we are no possessions!
    #8 I learned on a real Steinweg (not a Steinway) - it was built in my hometown, Seesen. Steinweg went to America and later they named a park in my hometown after him (being sorry cause he became so successful?) - I nearly broke a bone on "his" playground. The piano now rots away in our parent´s abandoned house and my Brother said I can have it. I don´t know if I want it, I can´t play no more and it will likely be very expensive.... But... a real Steinweg!
    #9 I just saw ... ewww... someone got really angry having stepped into a large dog-poo. I once lost a shoe due to that. Yes, and some cyclists. Wrong direction, red lights for him, dark clothes , no helmet, bumping into my company car and I had to pay for it...
    #10 made me smile :-) I used to hate my nose. But it makes me smile when people still today want to see my ID when I want to buy two bottles of beer (allowed from age 16)...
    #11 Make it even more complicated ;-)
    #12 clever idea!
    #13 Yes. A lot of that here...
    #14 Never seen that... but fun idea!
    #15 Giving makes us happy, so we receive happiness.
    #16 Some still drive menuts. But it´s not worth it!
    #17 WOW!
    #18 :-) I can´t remember when I last said "nicht wahr"! It´s more "oder" (I have relatives in Switzerland).
    #19 Never smelled that!
    #20 We need to enjoy the one life we have...
    #21 My Mum got "I did it my way". It suited her sadly just a bit.
    #22 Meet my FIL, he might help you ;-) Nice answer, though!!!
    #23 A post is coming up on that tomorrow at my place - bet you´ll laugh!
    #24 Send me a message then, please. Non-fiction reader here.
    #25 Huhh, a flatmate drove me nuts with his harmonica! At 11pm when I went to work at 7am...
    #26 Have you met Bob?
    #27 Here you learn to swim at age 4!
    #28 Great!! :-)
    #29 Just helped me LOADS today!
    #30 Thumbs up, lucky you!
    #31 Baaaad - and true

    I love Cuban music, I have some here, one even from a local (he was a waiter and never told me his name, it was in Varadero).
    You smoked?! I was offered hash-cookies and said, no, boy, am I boring!
    I just got not such good things but a strong stomach from my Dad...
    Yes, I still have sometimes a hard time to not blow off (but I manage).
    I once read a "scientific" book stating animals cannot think. Aren´t we all animals? We all think and use our brains.
    I´m with you. What if... "imagine"... there was no religion, would we all be much better together as in "all/everybody"?
    Yes. If I believed in luck I´d play lotto, win and travel the world!

    No idea if you wanted such a long "answer"... Delete if you like, the Ausiie´d say "no worries" ;-)

  12. Very interesting introduction.. Congrats

  13. What a wonderful Q and A. I particularly loved your 'voluntary ignorance' response. We seem to have a lot of that going on in the states.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyable introduction. I was good getting to know these interesting tidbits about you. Have a fantastic day.

  15. Muchas gracias por tu aportacio y vista en el blog

    Me alegra que vuelvas a visitarme amenudo
    te lo agardezco mucho
    cuidate mucho


  16. heavy stuff on that place. Have to check it out. I found a post "So, did Sweden get it right?" Very interesting to read as I live in weden and are very pleased with how our people have handled it! :)

  17. me gusta leerte sea lo que sea
    eres personal en lo que haces
    como lo haces
    como lo escribes
    un abrazo desde la madrugada

  18. Mario, thank you so much for sharing so freely of yourself. You've given me a lot to think about and a lot to research. And btw, I'm not much of a swimmer either!

  19. I loved reading all of it -- your "interview" especially. I've been coming here and reading your stuff for a very long time, but I learned some new things about you!



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