Thursday 2 July 2020

What Makes a Good Writer? (originally written by Zadie Smith)

From the archive.

The tale of Clive


  1. There is no perfect novel and knowing how a novel fits together and writing it seems to be at cross purposes. But then, what do I know. I have never inspired to write a novel :)

  2. Perfection (in anything) is an illusion. I do hope that Clive works as hard on his sequel as he did on the first - but worry that he will settle for less than his best.

  3. The story of Clife's efforts to make the sequel better can be an example for us that doubts often come to mind whether the story of his work is good or not. Human

  4. we question ourselves don't we.

  5. Hi, I had to take a closer look at author Zadie Smith to see the author's career...Interesting!
    Yes it is not easy to write and one can come in a personal vacuum whether one has written true or not..But since she writes Realism, postmodernism, hysterical realism like that in "white teeth" one can never make mistakes
    Your interpretation is very good! Thanks for sharing from your authorship! It is nice and educational to read
    Pss..Here in Norway we have a "word" war right now of how we speak and write..Like to say "Kebab Norwegian" has made a huge protest in the sociaty..So professors, Media,Authors and so on has to change their way of writing..Also the tin cans of food like the Sami Joika cakes has to change their images..Well where is it all going I ask..

  6. It's interesting to read about Clive's journey. I've had fantasies of writing a novel, but know that's as far as it'll ever go... thinking about it. The pressure is on for Clive now, with that sequel!

  7. It is so easy to look at the works of others and see the flaws. It is another thing to be in the position of having others look at your work. It always pays to try to see both sides.

  8. Me ha fascinado la belleza de la foto increible gracias

  9. I agree with the others. We´re individuals, hence there cannot be perfection...

  10. You're always too close to your own work to know whether it is good or not, and there is no such thing as the perfect novel.

  11. For that little bit more of perfection, or doubt, one would think that his work is falling short. if it is well received, it should be good.

  12. Novels are never perfect, are they? There's always something that can be improved.
    YOU have a great weekend.

  13. Ah, perfectionism...the scourge of the novelist! I often wonder how many great novels there are out there that have never been published simply because their authors considered their work to be inferior!
    I would say...just write it anyway. What one reader considers pure genius...another could perceive as utter tosh!
    Many thanks for another fascinating and thought provoking post, never fail to get the old grey cells working!
    Now I'm scrutinizing everything I've ever written...and often cringing!! Lol

    Have a great weekend...and stay safe, my friend.😊😊

    Greetings from Hampshire.

  14. o, dear, I recognize this...... not easy to do, but the image made me smile :)

  15. Hi ACIL - interesting to think of the shadows that filter light onto the page - how do we know ... only from those who enjoy our writings, we also need to realise there will be always be critics of all things. I enjoyed Clive's story ... stay safe in these times - Hilary

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