Wednesday 17 June 2020

3 Tips to Develop a More I-Based Writing Style

Can there be a more powerful artistic statement than Rachelle Ferrell’s album Individuality (Can I Be Me?)? The American singer had already shown her vocal prowess on her debut, First Instrument (especially her own take on famous melodies such as You Don’t Know What Love Is and My Funny Valentine). Yet, brilliant as that record was, it felt lacking, as if Rachelle’s creative output were not being totally showcased. Enter Individuality, Ferrell’s opportunity to put her “I” centre stage.
Similarly, in writing (more specifically the non-fiction variety), “I” is an unashamed attempt to establish character and voice. By character I mean our personality, and by voice our inner thoughts.
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  1. Thanks for the tips -- interesting post, and it's always good to see an updated blog!

  2. You had me with this statement: "It’s the permission we grant them to join us." Back when I wrote more on my blog (as opposed to posting reviews or photos), I never felt comfortable sharing too much of myself.

  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing these tips.

  4. Thank you.
    I am always grateful for writing (and indeed any artistic genre) which reveals another facet to its creator.

  5. Your "medium" writings are very crisp and thoughtful. Thanks for a well-crafted article filled with helpful advice.

  6. Thank you for your inspiring reviews and tips, my friend.

  7. Many thanks for this inspirational post, my friend...I hadn't really thought about it before, but the "I" perspective does make for more powerful expression, doesn't it?! As you say, "The permission we grant them to join us".
    These a great tips for any budding writer!😊😊

    Have a great day...and stay safe, my friend.

    Greetings from Hampshire.

  8. Hola guapo espero que todo bine
    Gracias por apotacion
    me alegra que pases a visitarme
    cuidate mucho

  9. You offer a fascinating perspective, CiL. I have always thought of myself as two indivduals, not three, the private and the public personas. The public one is a chameleon, which is a handy trait when working as a reporter. This means identify and personify with the subject being interviewed so that the person will feel freer to be open and to talk in confidence, and it allows you to speak with police at one moment and with a drug dealer the next moment.

    I think your advice is excellent, and especially endorse the "walk away" and the "conflict" segments.

    A superior post, CiL .... thank you ....

  10. Hei Cuban!What a nice post!Specially I love the music.Remember very well Chet Baker singing these ones(also I fall in love too easily and I get along without you very well exept for sometimes)To write in a I form can be very scary I think..if you are not playing around and what is our self anyway as you say..I think many bad things has been done in good intentions.Also writingThey have my respect those who dare.All I know it can cause trouble for others.I like your post today and have been thinking about it alot.Wish you all well !Here at my place we beg for rain .It is sooo hot like 40 degrees.I am sorry bad spelling english .Anita

  11. Great tips and advice to think about.

  12. "They will be glad to find a kindred soul." sure says it all. I got a lot of reassureance through blogger-friends.

  13. In other words That are not merely about writing technic, but it comes with soul, our inner character.

    I am glad meet this point

  14. Nice to see you again, I hope you are safe where you are.
    I don´t listen much to music nowadays so I don´t know about this artist :(



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