Wednesday 30 November 2016

On Fidel

The Cuban in London that be me.


  1. I knew we could rely on you for wise thoughts!!

  2. How marvelous to see you and to be able to place a face with the words.

  3. How wonderful to see you! You are a very handsome gentleman, and well spoken! I am so happy to see your post, I have missed you! Thank you so much for sharing, you have made my day. Warm hugs to you from a cold Montreal, Canada. :)

  4. And I totally agree with Jo, we can rely on you for wise thoughts...great videos, and lots of wisdom.

  5. Wow, that was a great interview indeed. Wonderful answers.

  6. I've been thinking of you and your family these past couple of days and hoping that you would reopen and share some of your thoughts. This interview allowed you to do so in a much fuller and more detailed way than the blog ever could have. Kudos to BBC World News for having the insight to interview you -- you revisionsist, you! I'm so glad you got to go back before this happened and hope you will perhaps go again, in a while, to see what changes are developing.
    Job well done, old boy, job well done!

  7. Glad to see your intelligence in video!

  8. Excellent.
    Thank you for the "needed" education.
    So interesting.

  9. Thanks for posting this! It's great to see you "in person." About a week before Castro's death, I attended a poetry reading by Viergil Suarez, a professor and poet from Florida State. I picked up his recent book, "90 Miles," and began reading. One of his poems that I thought timely was "A Song at the End of the Cuban Revolution." You can find it here:

  10. You know, CiL, your thoughts and beliefs and sentiments are very evident through your words in your posts, so I actually did not learn anything new about you (or Fidel Castro) in a philosophical sense through those interviews. But, now I do understand, to some degree, why you are in London and not in Miami.

    My experience with Cubans has been with dissidents, some of them militant and who tried their best to oust the Castro brothers. I am most curious to see what the future will bring with the shifting political doctrine here in the U.S. and, maybe, in Cuba.

    I hope this post marks your return to the blogs ....

  11. I was wondering if you would post about Fidel! What do you see happening to Cuba now?

  12. Excellent interview and a privilege to have had the opportunity to view it. I hope this marks the start of a return to blogging since your readers miss your intelligent posts.

  13. Hi Mario - thank you for sharing these with us. I so liked your idea of dissident v reformist ... and giving people the opportunity to express their views and for the leaders to engage and reform ... rather than retreat into their 'power - keeping' roles ... we are not all right or wrong ... and we need to see the other side of the argument. I'll be back to listen to these again ... thanks for this post - it will be interesting to see how Cuba progresses now ... and those opportunities are taken. Cheers Hilary

  14. Great to see and hear you! And they didn't even ruin it by interrupting all the time...

  15. When I heard of Fidel's death, I thought about you, and wondered what your thoughts might be. Now I know. Thanks so much for sharing these videos. It's great to "see" you in action. Just as I expected, you're every bit as articulate and well-spoken as I thought you might be. Mario. Nice to put a real name to you, too.

  16. En plena acción, me alegro de conocerte y a la vez que hayas podido hacer tal reportaje, un saludo.

  17. Most interesting!
    I don't have competent opinions about this, but perhaps new winds will now blow more freely in Cuba. Which I see mainly as a good thing, but not completely without downsides.
    Thank you for sharing these videos!

  18. It was lovely to see and hear you! Thanks for sharing these videos. Thank you for your kind remarks regarding my cat.

  19. Yes, I echo is so good to see you are back!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this...I have found it truly enlightening.:)

    Your posts are always so interesting...and you have been sorely missed...

    Have a Fabulous Weekend! :))

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