Wednesday 14 December 2016

Diary of Inconsequential Being

Wednesday 9th November

Fucking 'ell!

Thursday 10th November


Friday 11th November


Saturday 12th November


Sunday 13th November


Monday 14th November


Tuesday 15th November


Wednesday 16th November

My birthday. Acceptance and hope.

© 2016

Next Post: “Thoughts in Progress”, to be published on Saturday 17th December at 6pm (GMT)


  1. haha think that may have been the progress of many

  2. I'm very glad you reached that point by your birthday, and a happy one I hope it was.

    For me, acceptance has not even entered the theater yet.
    And I could use a double shot of that hope, straight up.

  3. Haha! I didn't expect that. I guess it was a "big birthday"??

  4. I hope your birthday was wonderful...and I hope you have many more! I did attempt an answer to your question regarding what it means to me to be human, though I may have meandered a bit in the process. Best to you.

  5. I hope that acceptance and hope are joined by rather a lot of other good feelings...

  6. Happy belated birthday. I'm not nearly at acceptance but remain hopeful. I'm WOKE.

  7. Happy late birthday. I'm still depressed over the election.

  8. As William Parrish said about the passage of years on his birthday in the film, "Meet Joe Black:"

    "Don't they go by in a blink?"

  9. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! And you are not alone in your feelings, I think many are still trying to wrack their brain over that election!

  10. Haha hah hah i think this is a good post!But you look soo young..18-19 i suggests??
    you look soo on your video!

    Ok i am down with the flu so only a short happy good wishes for you..May your days further on be fulll of strengt much money and much love!

    Greetings Anita

  11. Hi ACIL - life does tick on doesn't it ... could you do a diary for me - you've got just under a month?! It's another day and another year gone ... way too quickly ... the older these old bones get. Happy and successful year ahead ... cheers Hilary

  12. Ooooh a birthday.... ENJOY, and stop counting.

  13. it's a bit late, but hey, happy birthday! :)

  14. Happy belated birthday! Can one have hope without acceptance? Because I'm having a lot of trouble accepting, and yet I am not devoid of hope.

  15. We've all had a few of those birthdays. But now I don't care - it seems to take decades to realise that birthdays are nothing but a number. But I've reached the age when contemporaries are dying, so having a bus pass and good health is now worth celebrating.

  16. Thanks to you all for your comments and good wishes.

    The mention of my birthday was incidental as some of you have noticed. The seven stages of grief were based on a more world-changing event! :-)

    I must admit that the seven stages do not run in a straight line. Very often I go back to anger and depression and shock. Very often. Easily.

    Greetings from London.

  17. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a nice one :)

  18. Ah, a birthday among the many jolts in world news. Enjoy every year, every decade because life can't be replayed. Happy holidays.

  19. So true... Hope you had a lovely birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday! Also, I love the lead up. I was wondering what it could be.

  21. Ahh Cubano, I'm with you. I am just emerging from the last stage and am working with my orishas for better understanding. 2017 will be epic.

  22. Belated happy birthday!
    I'm still in incredulity... in front of all those people who see the result as a good thing.

  23. Haha...yes, I can totally relate to that...story of my life...
    would never see you in that light though...;)

    Have a Fabulous Weekend! :))

  24. Happy belated birthday,I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Hope is what we need to cling to when all seems lost. Take care and a big hug



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