Sunday 14 August 2011

While My MP3 Gently Plays

Still on holidays. In the meantime, enjoy the music from my mp3 player.

Please, do not be fooled by the sultry and slow rhythm of Ayo's "And It's Supposed To Be Love". The theme is pretty grim as you can see from the clip below. But it's still a beautiful song by a very talented artist.

This song and performance always bring a tear to my eye. "Malagueña" by Lecuona is one of the songs my father used to play regularly when he still lived with my mother and me, (and my cousin, her mum and my granny, sorry, couldn't leave them out). The execution in this video is the closest you'll ever get to perfection, in my humble opinion.

And since we're talking perfection and execution, I just couldn't ignore Van Morrison's "Moondance". One of those tunes that, the minute they come on my mp3, makes me want to get up and dance. Timeless.

Crickets chirping, birds chirruping, overcast skies, downpours, little rivers mapping down their route on my kitchen window. Vivaldi's "Summer" section from his masterpiece "Four Seasons" contains the British weather in a nutshell. At 8:12 on the clip below I can perfectly visualise the scenario of which I was part a few weeks ago when my family and I went to a picnic. The snippets of conversation here and there, mixed with the sound of children playing badminton, people walking their dogs and trekkers gearing themselves up for a walk in the woods. Chaotic, but beautiful.

Next Post: "While My MP3 Gently Plays", to be published on Sunday 21st August at 10am (GMT)


  1. Gracias, Cubano. Excelente selección como siempre.

  2. Enjoy your holidays, Cuban. I really admire your discipline with your blog. I hope your family, friends and acquaintances are safe in London. We have been following the disturbing news from UK.

    Music, really does not know any boundaries or barriers.

  3. Enjoyed the music - and the look of your blog these days (great photo and quote).

  4. Well, I have gone on my vacation and returned... and you are still away, Cuban! Hoping you are having a wild time... and thank you for the pleasure of your lovely music!




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