Sunday 30 August 2009

Song for a Summer Sunday Morning - Shake Your Hips by The Rolling Stones

C'mon, baby, rattle and quake/Kick off the sheets and up you wake/Bare your soul, bare it all/Worry not, it's only rock'n'roll.

By the way, isn't Charlie Watts the most underrated drummer ever? Just a thought. Yup, still on holidays, still in Spain and probably this song is playing right now on our car stereo. Enjoy your Sunday.

Next Post: 'Killer Opening Songs' to be published on Tuesday 1st September at 11:59pm (GMT)


  1. Now you're talking! Strong lyrics, strong music.

  2. hello Cuban,
    we prefer our Stones and/or blues on Saturdays,
    but, like good vibes,
    we take'em wherever we find 'em.

    always appreciate your Sunday choices. :-)
    {we have a feeling that today's selection
    . . . ahem! . . . rocks driving through Spain.}

    Charlie Watts. embarrasingly,
    we've not got around to listening to his
    jazz sidelining, but word-of-mouth has it that
    he excells in his own unobtrusive way.
    we hope to follow up on this.
    sometime,. :-0

    btw, coinky-dinkly, we received a collection of Poe's work:
    MAJOR TALES & POEMS for our birthday in July,
    and just began reading it this week.

    enjoy your holiday, friend. :-)


  3. ha sido un buen domingo. buen lunes para ti! :)

  4. Charlie Watts is the only one who looks "dignified" as an older gent...The Stones,unbelievable!!



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